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Inventory Make & Check in Checkout
Studio £104.00 £89.00
1 bed/1 reception £123.50 £104.00
2 bed/1 receptions £141.00 £118.50
3 beds/1 bath/1 reception £163.50 £138.50
4 beds/1 bath/1 reception £181.50 £156.00
5 beds/2 bath/1 reception £210.00 £198.00

At our discretion, there will be an extra charge of £5.00 for each additional rooms, outdoor space and number of floors that the property is on.

50% cancellation fee if cancelled less than 24 hours before appointment.
All fees quoted are exclusive of VAT which is charged at 20%.

If check outs and inventory updates are conducted at the same time then these will be subject to a reduction of 10%

Invoices should be settled within 30 days.