Greville Inventories

“ Greville Inventories provide a hassle-free and readily available service. I would highly recommend them to anyone requiring this service”

Johnny Dyson, private landlord


Tina Colclough

Tina graduated in Law and History before building a successful career as a Senior Commissioning Editor for a leading legal publisher. Alongside her professional career Tina had always taken a personal and practical interest in managing and letting residential properties, she is a private landlord. In a move to combine work and family commitments Tina decided to train with Sam as an inventory clerk. She has now been working with Sam for almost five years

Dee Taylor

Dee comes from an entertainment background and works as an inventory clerk alongside her theatrical career. Having frequently arranged rented accommodation for clients in the entertainment industry, she was familiar with the process of checking tenants in and out of properties and compiling inventories, so training as an inventory clerk was a natural progression. She has worked along side Sam for eight years

Sam Greville

Sam has worked in the residential letting business for many years as a letting Agent, relocation Agent and for a residential property developer. She has been working as an Inventory Clerk for over 12 years. With plenty of experience within the lettings industry she is able to provide valuable advice and assistance and oversees a very professional, reliable and timely service.